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Intelligent campus accessible with applications for remote control connected to the Internet.

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About Q-NEX


QNEX is a new brand subordinated to Returnstar Interactive Technology Co., Ltd, blessed by the endeavor of Returnstar IQ in serving various educational institutions worldwide in the past decade, and has accumulated abundant experience in providing more comprehensive AV control solutions to smart digital campus .  


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Efficiently regulates temperature in digital campus buildings, ensuring comfortable and energy-saving environments.

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Implements advanced security measures, to enhance access control and safety across the advanced campus infrastructure.

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Monitors and optimizes energy consumption in various facilities, promoting sustainability and cost-effectiveness within the technology campus.

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Manages and maintains optimal climate conditions within future campus, ensuring a flexible and smart environment through Q-NEX climate control systems.

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Enables remote monitoring and control of various integrated campus systems, fostering flexibility and convenience for administrators and users alike.

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Implements a responsive alarm system for immediate detection and notification of potential security emergencies within the smart education park.

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Integrates multimedia solutions for educational and informational purposes, enhancing communication and engagement across the smart connected campus community.

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Establishes a robust and interconnected network infrastructure, facilitating seamless communication and data exchange among various devices and systems within the networked campus.

Unique soluitons

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Smart classroom: onestop solution for upgrading a smart classroom solution within the learning network campus.
Lecture hall: Learn how to simply transform your lecture hall into a digital one and facilitate virtual campus experience.
Smart meeting: Transforms your meeting room experience with ease both online and offline

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