2024 Exhibition Roadmap: Where IQ&Q-NEX Ventures Next - scaled

2024 Exhibition Roadmap: Where IQ&Q-NEX Ventures Next

Embark on an exciting journey into the future with IQ&Q-NEX‘s 2024 exhibitions! Join us as we unveil groundbreaking innovations where innovation merges seamlessly with AV excellence. While our participation in GITEX AFRICA in Morocco, IC24 Infocommin vibrant Las Vegas, and Infocomm Asia is confirmed for the first half of the year, stay tuned for updates on our plans for the latter part of 2024.

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GITEX Africa 2024: Empowering Africa’s Tech Frontier

Step into the vibrant tech scene at GITEX Africa 2024 in Morocco, where IQ&Q-NEX is set to empower Africa’s tech frontier. Our mission is to showcase how our AV solutions are shaping the future of education across the continent. Whether you’re an educator, tech enthusiast, or industry professional, join us to explore live demonstrations, engage with our team, and discover the transformative potential of our innovations.

Infocomm 2024: Shaping AV Technology’s Tomorrow

In the dynamic landscape of Las Vegas, IC24 Infocomm 2024 awaits, where IQ&Q-NEX is at the forefront of shaping tomorrow’s AV technology. Join us as we redefine interactive learning and revolutionize education through innovative solutions. Educators, AV professionals, and industry leaders are invited to connect with us, explore our offerings, and gain insights into the future of AV technology.

Infocomm Asia 2024: Navigating Southeast Asia’s Tech Terrain

Navigate Southeast Asia’s tech terrain with us at Infocomm Asia 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand.     Discover how IQ&Q-NEX’s tailored AV solutions are driving educational advancements in the region. Whether you’re an educator, AV professional, or business leader, join us to gain valuable insights, explore partnership opportunities, and connect with like-minded individuals passionate about the future of education technology.

Join us at IQ&Q-NEX exhibitions to experience the transformative power of AV technology in education. Whether you’re refining teaching methods, exploring cutting-edge solutions, or driving educational progress, our events offer invaluable insights and collaboration opportunities.  Connect with us onsite to discover how IQ&Q-NEX leads the revolution in global technology.

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Expect immersive demonstrations, insightful discussions, and exclusive insights into the future of education technology. Our team provides expert advice, explores partnership opportunities, and offers special gifts to enhance your experience. We’re at the forefront of future technology education, empowering educators and learners with innovative solutions.

Ideal attendees include educators, tech enthusiasts, and industry leaders passionate about enhancing learning outcomes. Don’t miss your chance to shape the future of learning – book your visit to our exhibitions today and join the revolution!

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