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3 Best Smart Campus Solutions for Bridging Education and Industry

Maybe you will meet a graduate from an Ivy League School, but he has difficulty finding a work that can play his individual talent and professional ability. This is an embarrassing phenomenon for education, but we must also recognize that this is a reality. So, do we have any smart educational technology solutions to improve this dilemma? The trend of industry and education integration is already fine-tuning the imbalance in education. However, in this article, we will also explore 3 smart campus solutions that are deeply collaborative between campus and enterprise. I hope you can learn from it and reflect on what technology can do for current education and teaching dilemmas.

1. QNEX Smart Campus

QNEX smart campus solution closely combines advanced AV technology and educational needs. Creates an intelligent and digital teaching environment for schools, and realizes the deep integration of industry and education.

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1.1 Integration of Advanced AV Equipment and Control Systems

QNEX deployed advanced AV devices such as various sizes of interactive IQTouch flat panels, document cameras, and smart speakers in scenarios. Such as classrooms and conference rooms to create an immersive learning experience for students. In addition, administrators can also realize centralized control and remote management of these devices through the QNEX Network Media Processor (NMP).

1.2 Support Blended Learning Style

QNEX Smart Campus Solutions have deployed lecture recording systems in world-renowned schools such as BPP University and Myanmar’s Ministry of Education (MOE) to support distance learning students to watch and replay courses in real time. It not only realizes the convenient live broadcasting, recording, and sharing of courses through the QNEX platform but also creates more flexible and fair educational opportunities.

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1.3 Realize Campus Automation Management

Campus-wide audio-visual devices can be managed remotely via the QNEX Web Console or QNEX Touch Control Panels. Setting up tasks such as automatic on-off machines and content broadcasting will greatly help improve the efficiency of energy and manpower management. In addition, the data visualization report of equipment usage can also realize more refined operation and maintenance management.

1.4 Innovative Teaching Methods

QNEX smart campus solutions also integrate interactive whiteboards, wireless screens, and other technologies into teaching, stimulate students ‘participation, improve teaching quality, cultivate students ‘innovative thinking and cooperation ability, and create a system of integration of industry, study, and research to prepare for students ‘future career development.

2. The Kop Building by Wrexham

As cities grow and evolve, the integration of educational institutions with the business sector has become crucial for fostering innovation and economic development. The Kop Building emerges as a standout example of this symbiosis, strategically designed to enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing between schools and businesses.

2.1 A Hub for Innovation and Education

Located at the heart of economic activity, the Kop Building is more than just an architectural marvel. Its fourth and fifth floors are dedicated to higher education, while the remaining levels cater to various businesses. This arrangement is not just about proximity; it’s about creating an environment where both students and professionals can interact seamlessly.

2.1.1 Bridging the Gap

One of the primary goals of the Kop Building is to stimulate collaboration and ensure that knowledge flows freely between educators and business leaders. By bringing these two worlds under one roof, the building fosters a community where innovative ideas can flourish. This setup not only benefits the students, who gain real-world insights and experience but also the businesses that can tap into fresh perspectives and emerging talent.

2.1.2 Sustainable Design and Construction

Sustainability is at the core of the Kop Building’s design. Achieving a BREEAM Excellent rating, the building features photovoltaic panels, a green roof, and extensive use of FSC-certified wood. These elements not only reduce the building’s environmental footprint but also set a standard for future constructions in the area.

2.2 Meeting the Future Head-On

The Kop Building is designed to be more than just a space for learning and doing business. It’s a place where sustainable practices are encouraged, and the vibrant exchange of ideas is the norm. Starting from its strategic location to its unique architecture with unconventional angles and curves, the building itself is a testament to innovation.

2.3 The Role of the Sustainability Factory

Adjacent to the Kop Building, the Sustainability Factory plays a pivotal role. This facility is a beacon of advanced learning and collaboration, where students and businesses come together to push the boundaries of what’s possible in sustainability and technology.

The Kop Building is a prime example of how thoughtful architecture and purposeful design can lead to meaningful collaborations between education and the business sector. It’s a place where theory meets practice, ideas meet execution, and future leaders meet current innovators. With its sustainable features and commitment to community building, the Kop Building is not just constructed for today but designed for tomorrow’s challenges.

3. National Industry Innovation Network (NIIN) by CISCO

With a background in multinational technology, Cisco is known for designing, manufacturing, and selling networking hardware, software, telecommunications equipment, and other high-tech services and products. Under the wave of industrial digital transformation, the National Industrial Innovation Network (NIIN) was launched in 2020.

3.1 Empowering Innovation and Social Impact

As a vehicle for campus and industry cooperation to drive innovation, serve large-scale economic development, and intrinsically promote social well-being. NIIN has expanded from an initial four partners to eleven partners nationwide. The growing power of collaboration has led to long-term advances in areas. Such as critical infrastructure, sustainable development, education, digital health, and hybrid work.

3.2 A Model for Collaborative Progress

To address digital challenges and meet the long-term development and benefit growth of the country. The National Industrial Innovation Network (NIIN) is a model collaboration between industry and universities. Not just cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and software-defined networking. It also brings together research chairs, innovation centers, supply chains, partner networks, and expertise.

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The wisdom of good education technology solutions can not only provide a comprehensive range of support for students, teachers, and parents. It can also help campuses and enterprises to cooperate. And fully promote the improvement of education quality at all levels and aspects.

QNEX is committed to assisting in building a university without walls, deepening cooperation and support with local economic and social sectors. And achieving mutual benefit and win-win outcomes. If you are interested in our QNEX smart campus solutions, you can contact us here. I sincerely hope that QNEX wisdom can bring positive changes to your campus, education, and students’ occupations!

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