A Glorious Farewell: Celebrating the Class of 2023 at GIIS Smart Campus - 2024 03 13 131221

A Glorious Farewell: Celebrating the Class of 2023 at GIIS Smart Campus

In an event marked with joy, pride, and a touch of bittersweet farewell, the Global Indian International School (GIIS) Smart Campus recently held its graduation ceremony for the class of 2023. This graduation ceremony is not only an encouragement for students to move toward the future but also a feast for embracing digitalization with QNEX technology. Let’s witness the impact of the integration of numbers and education through this article.

A Glorious Farewell: Celebrating the Class of 2023 at GIIS Smart Campus - 2024 03 13 131707

1. The Ceremony Begins with QNEX Audio Visual Communication Solution

The day kicked off with host Shreya Sarora, welcoming everyone with warmth and mentioning the hard work and achievements of the graduates, all made possible with the seamless communication provided by QNEX’s audio-visual solution here. Roshni Ray then took the stage, her welcome address not just celebrating the accomplishments but also emphasizing the significance of this milestone in the lives of the graduates, made even more memorable with QNEX’s cutting-edge technology. For more about the topic of “what is audio visual communication”, please click here to read more.

2. Words of Wisdom

Principal Melissa Maria’s farewell speech, amplified by QNEX’s audio optimization features, was nothing short of inspiring. She urged the students to carry forward the values of gratitude and kindness as they step into new beginnings, with QNEX’s high-quality sound systems ensuring her words resonated deeply with the audience. Dr. Nitin Pangarkar, the guest of honor, shared pearls of wisdom about success, underlining the essence of being skilled, curious, resilient, and determined,all supported by QNEX’s seamless communication and engagement tools like Networked Media Processor (NMP).

3. Celebrating Achievements

Each graduate received a memento, a gesture recognizing their unique talents and hard work, while QNEX’s customizable playback options added a touch of personalization to the ceremony.  This included a special moment where the achievements of the students were celebrated, creating an atmosphere of pride and joy among the attendees. With IQSound Passive Speaker PS610, the speaker’s graduation speech spreads in all directions with a precise acoustic diffusion state, this powerful audio visual technology has made this celebration ceremony more engaging and immersive for everyone.

4. A Performance to Remember

The ceremony was not all speeches; it included a mesmerizing dance performance that added a dash of cultural vibrancy and excitement to the day. The creativity and talent of the students shone brightly, showcased with QNEX’s state-of-the-art visual components and seamless live-streaming capabilities, demonstrating their diverse abilities beyond academics.

5. Gratitude and Looking Forward

Arushi Gupta expressed a heartfelt vote of thanks, a fitting conclusion to the ceremony, while Mr. Atul Taneja, the chairman, shared a motivating story of an alum’s success as the COO of Citigroup. It served as a powerful reminder of the potential that lies within each graduate to achieve greatness, further amplified by QNEX’s audio visual communication solution, inspiring them to embark on their future endeavors with confidence.

6. The Extension of Technology: GIIS’s Smart Campus Practice

Not only in this annual graduation ceremony but also in the daily teaching practice and campus life, GIIS is leveraging the power of technology through its smart campus practice in partnership with QNEX to revolutionize education. This cooperation practice creates an intuitive learning experience and an automated environment.

6.1 Campus Ecosystem Based on the Internet of Things (IoT)

QNEX’s GIIS solution focuses on creating a digital campus with centralized control and AV distribution capabilities through the Internet of Things (IoT).

6.1.1 Empowering Educational Development

QNEX provides a technical support platform for GIIS to implement the construction of smart campuses through IoT technology. Through Smart Campus ‚ We can transform individuals and organizations ‚ The interaction between natural and artificial systems ‚ Make them more intelligent ‚ Namely, clearer, more efficient, more flexible, and timely response ‚ Bringing new opportunities for the educational development of GIIS.

6.1.2 Seamless Control and Intelligent Interaction

The flagship product of QNEX, the Network Media Processor (NMP), is installed in every classroom, enabling teachers and IT administrators to seamlessly control a variety of devices, such as interactive flat panel displays IQTouch, microphones, lighting, and air conditioning. The QNEX touch control panel is located on the Digital Podium NDP100 and provides a user-friendly interface for fast and easy device management.

6.2 Interconnected AV Broadcast Solutions

Campus broadcasting is an important way for students to obtain information and a fundamental way for schools to interact effectively with students. Here, QNEX implemented a campus-wide AV broadcast solution with display monitors and amplifier systems for places such as cafeterias, libraries, and hallways.

6.2.1 Transforming Campus Broadcasting at GIIS

The Q-NEX Media Box (MBX) can focus the playback of text, audio, video content, and live broadcasts, covering every corner of the campus. IT administrators can remotely control and manage devices using the Q-NEX console or mobile applications, enable scheduled tasks, and monitor device usage data through the Q-NEX dashboard.

A Glorious Farewell: Celebrating the Class of 2023 at GIIS Smart Campus - 2024 03 13 131230

6.2.2 Enhancing Communication and Engagement

The broadcasting system has obvious practicality, economy, and convenience, providing a lot of services for the vast group of teachers and students. QNEX’s campus broadcasting system can be applied in various public places, such as holding school-wide activities, notifying, broadcasting courseware and music, praising advanced teachers or individual students, etc.


The graduation ceremony for the class of 2023 at the GIIS Smart Campus was a beautiful blend of joyous celebration and introspective farewell. It was a day filled with powerful speeches, impressive performances, and an overwhelming sense of pride in the achievements of the graduates.

Furthermore, the smart campus practices at GIIS demonstrate their commitment to leveraging technology to provide a superior learning environment. By embracing innovation and leveraging Q-NEX’s advanced AV solutions, GIIS has set a benchmark for other educational institutions in digital transformation.

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