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We empower education by offering Q-NEX, a Smart Campus Solution seamlessly integrating AV and IoT control, ensuring streamlined operations and heightened classroom efficiency.

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Elevating standards through unparalleled excellence in every product we deliver.

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Q-NEX is committed to providing the best products and solutions to our customers, and we will continue to innovate and optimize our technology to achieve this goal.


Our mission

Deliver a comprehensive and integrated Smart Campus Solution.

Distribution Value

We collaborate closely with a network of trusted local system integrators who serve as our strategic business partners.

Brand Origin

Explore the history of Returnstar Technology, the company behind IQ and Q-NEX brand.


Obtained the ISO14001 environmental management certification and Energy Star certification.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-NEX is a sub-brand of Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd, committed to providing innovative solutions for the education sector since 2006. With 18 years of global experience, our Q-NEX brand specializes in offering Smart Campus Solution that seamlessly integrates AV and IoT control, addressing specific needs in schools and educational institutions.

Q-NEX offers a range of products, including the Q-NEX Networked Media Processor, Digital Podium, Touch Panel, Media Box, Q-NEX Console and Q-NEX APP. These products contribute to creating a comprehensive Smart Campus Solution.

Q-NEX empowers educational institutions by offering highly integrated devices, powerful functions, and networked remote control. Our solutions enhance centralized device control, live streaming, audio and video broadcasting, and more, optimizing classroom efficiency and management.

Q-NEX transforms conventional classrooms into smart classrooms, offers lecture capture solutions with live streaming, and provides solutions for lecture halls, auditoriums, and large classrooms. These solutions streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve overall teaching and learning experiences.

Q-NEX employs AV-over-IP technology to enable campus-wide AV distribution, including live streaming to all classrooms and public areas. This ensures efficient audio and video transmission across the entire campus.

Delve into the sensor-based technologies ensuring dynamic responses to changing environmental factors.

Q-NEX advantages include highly integrated devices, powerful functions, device compatibility with standard AV interfaces, networked remote control, flexible deployment of web-based systems, integrator-friendly implementation, and one-stop solutions for smart classrooms, campuses, and conferences.

Q-NEX smart solutions seamlessly integrate with existing school network infrastructure. The terminal unit is easy to install, configure without programming, and can be operated through local controls, web-based consoles, or mobile apps, providing a flexible and intuitive user experience.

As a professional educational and corporate device supplier, Q-NEX offers a complete smart classroom, campus, and conference solution. Our expertise ensures that we can be your one-stop shop for all your educational technology needs.

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