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Everything You Need to Know About  QNEX Smart Campus Solution

Innovative technology can be a kind of “burner”, providing a huge boost to many fields. For example, the development and application of smart campus solutions can make many campuses more efficient, accurate, and intelligent. Perhaps there are still many things you do not know about the concept and system of Smart Campus Solution. In that way, today we will dig deeper into the technical service functions of QNEX Smart Campus Solution from three perspectives safety, sustainability, and convenience.

1. Security: Smart Access System

In the past, campus access control relied on a mechanical lock key system and a basic key card system. Although this security system has a long history of use in human history, the possibility of its attack and violation is very high.

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1.1 Intelligent Access Control: Elevating Campus Security

Different from the mechanical access control system, intelligent access control is a safer access control system. Perhaps you may worry that smart devices are vulnerable to sophisticated hackers and replicators. However, with the continuous progress of advanced technologies such as biometrics and cloud computing, intelligent access control systems can provide access management platforms with high-security factors.

1.2 Smarter Campus Security with Intelligent Access Solutions

For example, the QNEX intelligent security system of smart campus solutions integrates multiple layers of security to provide authentication with high fidelity and real-time alerts of suspicious activity. In addition, the QNEX Web Console also allows information technology managers with remote management capabilities to view and control access points from anywhere at any time.

All in all, security at QNEX is getting a high-tech upgrade. By incorporating opt-in license plate recognition, the company ensures that only authorized vehicles can enter the premises, thereby preventing unauthorized access or tailgating. This system streamlines entry processes, making them faster and more secure.

Additionally, wearable security cameras worn by security personnel facilitate real-time streaming and communication with the control room. This allows for immediate response and coordination, ensuring safety across the campus.

2. Sustainability: Energy Management System

Global warming is one of the most serious environmental problems facing mankind. In the context of reducing human impact on the environment, carbon emission reduction has formed a consensus among countries around the world. QNEX is also focusing on environmental sustainability.

2.1 Solar-Powered Smart Bins for Beautiful Campus

Solar-powered smart bins placed around the campus significantly aid in waste management. These bins not only encourage proper waste disposal but are also equipped to compact the trash, increasing efficiency and reducing the frequency of waste collection.

2.2 Low Energy Consumption for Green Planet

In terms of reducing carbon emissions, the QNEX energy efficiency management system can intelligently collect electricity consumption data of the entire campus and conduct a detailed analysis of high energy consumption factors and usage behaviors. Therefore, targeted optimization measures are taken to effectively reduce energy consumption. In addition, the real-time monitoring and management of energy consumption helps to improve the convenience of campus energy regulatory management. This also improves the efficiency of overall energy planning and power management.

In the future, QNEX smart campus solutions will continue to contribute to the green, low-carbon, circular, and sustainable development of the whole society.

3. Convenience: Asset and Transportation Management

In terms of convenience, QNEX digital asset management platform not only strengthens the regulation of campus assets but also solves the challenges faced by many higher education asset management departments. Meanwhile, intelligent transportation systems provide seamless commuting experiences for students and faculty, leveraging data analytics and automation to optimize shuttle service and driver safety.

3.1 Transforming Campus Asset Management

The introduction of smart asset tracking is a game-changer for inventory management at QNEX. This technology helps in locating company assets and equipment quickly, reducing downtime and improving productivity.

3.1.1 The Current Limitations of Asset Management in Universities

Through careful analysis, we can find that although most colleges and universities have formulated fixed asset management systems, there are still limitations such as weak awareness of fixed asset management and inadequate management.

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3.1.2 Boosting Productivity and Visibility

When the investment of teaching and research funds is increasing, there are more and more fixed assets on the campus, which brings great challenges to the management.

As an important part of training talents, colleges and universities must constantly strengthen the construction of fixed assets management systems.

3.1.3 Optimizing Campus Fixed Asset Management

The scientific QNEX asset digital management platform can effectively reduce the risk of campus asset management. And set up clear approval procedures for the purchase, use, storage, cleaning, and other processes of fixed assets. It is not only conducive to clearing asset inventory and inventory but also can fundamentally strengthen the information management and monitoring of fixed assets. In addition, wireless sensor monitoring based on wireless technology strengthens the protective security layer of campus assets. It can effectively protect high-value investments and ensure the integrity and availability of basic resources.

3.2 Transforming Campus Commutes with QNEX’s Integrated Intelligent Transportation Technologies

The deep integration of new technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain provides great convenience for intelligent transportation systems. Intelligent transportation systems not only make it easy for people to travel but also make things reach their destinations smoothly.

For transportation, QNEX has implemented a smart system that provides real-time access to bus or shuttle locations and occupancy counts. This feature helps in managing and optimizing shuttle services for employees, making commuting easier and more efficient. Smart AI cameras in campus vehicles play a crucial role in enhancing driver safety. These cameras keep drivers aware and connected. If a driver becomes distracted, the system sends a reminder to focus on the road. Moreover, it supports live scene analysis, object detection, and assisted navigation, and keeps tabs on vehicle maintenance data.


In this article, we have explored the core features of the QNEX smart campus solution from three perspectives: for the safety of the campus, for the sustainability of the planet, and for the convenience of staff management. QNEX’s transformation into a smart campus sets a comparative standard for educational environments worldwide. If you are interested in our smart campus solutions, you can click here to contact us.

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