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 Q-NEX Smart Campus offers a one-stop upgrade solution for campus spaces, fostering intelligent integration and advancing the construction of information technology across educational institutions.

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Efficiently regulates temperature in digital campus buildings, ensuring comfortable and energy-saving environments.

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Implements advanced security measures, to enhance access control and safety across the advanced campus infrastructure.

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Monitors and optimizes energy consumption in various facilities, promoting sustainability and cost-effectiveness within the technology campus.

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Manages and maintains optimal climate conditions within future campus, ensuring a flexible and smart environment through Q-NEX climate control systems.

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Enables remote monitoring and control of various integrated campus systems, fostering flexibility and convenience for administrators and users alike.

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Implements a responsive alarm system for immediate detection and notification of potential security emergencies within the smart education park.

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Integrates multimedia solutions for educational and informational purposes, enhancing communication and engagement across the smart connected campus community.

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Establishes a robust and interconnected network infrastructure, facilitating seamless communication and data exchange among various devices and systems within the networked campus.

Unique soluitons

Online learing campus solution

Smart classroom: onestop solution for upgrading a smart classroom solution within the learning network campus.
Lecture hall: Learn how to simply transform your lecture hall into a digital one and facilitate virtual campus experience.
Smart meeting: Transforms your meeting room experience with ease both online and offline
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Smart Steps

Simple steps for your smart campus

Elevate your educational environment with our comprehensive Smart Campus solution, designed to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology into your educational space.



Kickstart your journey with a tailored consultation to align technology with your educational goals.


Design & Engineering

Benefit from customized design and precision engineering to create an optimal, smart campus layout.


Equipment Installation

Experience hassle-free installation of high-tech equipment to ensure your campus is fully equipped for smart education.


Training & Support

Receive extensive training for your staff and ongoing support to maintain an uninterrupted and efficient smart campus operation.


Explore our Smart Campus packages

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Campus automation

Streamline teaching with automated control of classroom devices and AV broadcast systems.

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Free Consultation

Utilize our free consultation to tailor smart solutions to your educational needs.

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Smart Campus App

Simplify campus life with an app that manages facilities and schedules with ease.

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Training and Support

Benefit from targeted training and dedicated support for effortless tech integration.

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Full Automation with AV broadcasting

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Device central control

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One button screen share

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Audiovisual broadcasting within campus

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Live streaming

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Device Central Control

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Device central control

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AV matrix switching function

Smart Benefits

Benefits of smart campus