Remote Control

Remote Control


In a smart campus, the remote operation can realize remote control of campus facilities such as lights, air conditioning, projectors, etc., thus greatly reducing the space limitations of equipment control.. With advanced remote operation technology, faculty and students can easily adjust classroom environments, enhancing the efficiency of learning and teaching.

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Classroom Environment Control

Q-NEX Smart Remote Control Solution empowers educators with the ability to remotely operate lights, temperature, and ventilation, creating an optimal learning atmosphere. This feature, integral to the Q-NEX platform, promotes comfort and concentration for students.

Presentation Management

Facilitate the network remote control of multimedia devices, such as projectors and interactive whiteboards, allowing teachers to manage presentations seamlessly from anywhere in the classroom.

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Energy Efficiency Optimization

Q-NEX contributes to energy efficiency by implementing measures to remotely monitor and control electronic devices. This aligns with the platform’s commitment to sustainability, ensuring efficient usage and reduced power consumption in vacant areas.

Smart Device Integration

Integrate with other smart devices, such as smartboards and audio systems, to enable remote manipulation through a centralized remote control system, streamlining the teaching and learning experience.

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Security Surveillance Integration

Ensuring campus safety is paramount, and Q-NEX achieves this through seamless integration with security cameras and alarms. The remote operation capabilities enhance security responsiveness, aligning with Q-NEX’s commitment to a secure and intelligent campus.

Resource Allocation and Tracking

Q-NEX Smart School Solution seamlessly integrates with the Q-NEX Console, a web-based platform designed for IT administrators. This integration enhances resource allocation and tracking by providing a centralized hub for managing shared resources such as printers and audio-visual equipment. With Q-NEX Console, administrators can efficiently optimize resource usage and ensure availability through remote manipulation functionalities.

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Customized Learning Spaces

Q-NEX Console empowers educators to remotely operate learning spaces by adjusting lighting, audio-visual setups, and learning environments like temperature and humidity. Its flexibility allows for tailoring classrooms to different teaching methods, breaking constraints of time and place through seamless Internet-based remote control.

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Library Lighting Control

Remote-control lighting in the smart library for an inviting study environment and optimized focus.

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Auditorium AV Management

Manage audio-visual setups seamlessly in the auditorium using remote operation for engaging presentations.

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Classroom Energy Efficiency

Apply remote control in vacant classrooms for energy-saving measures and sustainability goals.

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Interactive Labs

Integrate remote-controlled smart devices in science and computer labs for dynamic learning experiences.

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Parking Lot Security Cameras

Enhance campus safety with remote-controlled security cameras for real-time monitoring in parking lots.

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Resource Allocation in Collaborative Spaces

Use remote operation for efficient resource allocation in collaborative spaces like innovation hubs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Remote operation allows administrators to manage electronic devices in vacant classrooms, turning off lights and equipment to conserve energy, contributing to the smart campus’s sustainability goals.

Absolutely. Q-NEX Console empowers educators to remotely configure lighting, audio-visual setups, and classroom environment, facilitating a dynamic and personalized learning environment tailored to diverse teaching methods.

Yes, Q-NEX Console facilitates administrators in broadcasting announcements across the entire smart campus, utilizing the remote control feature for the PA system in various locations, including cafeterias and outdoor spaces.