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Shaping the Future: Inside the Living Smart Campus Project

One of the important trends in the future development of campus informatization is the smart campus. Smart campuses are characterized by extensive internet access, high-quality and efficient information resources, and intelligent and convenient application services. For example, QNEX smart campuses solutions can effectively expand the service functions of digital campuses here. In today’s article, we will take a closer look at the ambitious endeavor of the University of Twente, and discover what it means for the future of smart societies.

1. Revolutionizing Education with Smart Campus Solutions

The accumulation and utilization of data are the core contents of smart campus construction. The so-called smart campus refers to the intelligent upgrading and transformation of school management and services through advanced technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, using campus information infrastructure as a carrier. On this basis, a data-driven, human-machine collaboration, and cross-border integration intelligent service and management ecosystem has been formed.

Shaping the Future: Inside the Living Smart Campus Project - Hardware MBX 15 600x383 1

1.1 School-Wide Audio-Visual Broadcast

With a campus-wide AV broadcast system, Q-NEX broadcasts educational content beyond the classroom. The system leverages AV-over-IP technology to distribute audio and video content throughout the campus, ensuring that everyone anywhere has access to important announcements and educational materials. This includes not only traditional study Spaces, but also extends to cafeterias, libraries, and administrative areas.

1.2 Divisible Classrooms

Q-NEX divisible classroom concept demonstrated professional understanding of space utilization and flexible learning environments. As a highly interactive learning space created by intelligent technology empowering education, divisible classrooms are seen as an important driving force for the digital transformation and high-quality development of education in the new round of educational informatization. With the help of a Networked Media Processor (NMP), classrooms can be transformed and adapted to current lecture needs. Whether it is a single large lecture space or multiple smaller seminar rooms, Q-NEX technology enables seamless content sharing and independent device control, ensuring uninterrupted and adaptable learning processes.

1.3 Collaborative Learning Solutions

Moreover, QNEX’s collaborative learning solution embodies the essence of modern education here. By facilitating interaction and collaboration between students and faculty, these solutions break down walls and encourage a more holistic and engaging learning experience. The integration of interactive displays and cloud resources ensures that education is not only the consumption of information but also the creation and sharing of knowledge.

Overall, the construction of Q-NEX’s “Smart Campus” is centered around “service”, providing an intelligent, humanized, integrated, and personalized service system for teachers and students through the integration and optimization of various business systems and resources within the school.

2. The Vision of Living Smart Campus project

The essence of the Living Smart Campus project lies in its core question: Can we practice what we preach? With an eye on smart societies that might only be fully realized a decade from now, the team at the University of Twente is eager to implement fragments of these ideas today. In essence, they’re turning the campus into a living laboratory, where smart robots and intelligent systems work seamlessly to create an environment that’s more responsive to the needs of its inhabitants.

2.1 Technology That Cares

One major goal for the near future is advancing the technology to a point where it can be actively used within the smart campus. From robots that manage tasks autonomously to systems that allow buildings to communicate, the project is focused on harnessing intelligence in every corner of campus life. This kind of integrated tech could drastically change how daily operations are handled, making the campus a model for smart living on a broader scale.

2.2 A Multipurpose Ecosystem

The Living Smart Campus isn’t just about smart technology; it’s also about creating an ecosystem that supports a wide range of activities and needs. Whether it’s lecturers checking their schedules on a tablet, understanding student attendance in real-time, or ensuring stores are well-stocked for end-of-day shopping, the campus is looking to redefine convenience and efficiency. Moreover, it aims to foster a sense of community among students, enhancing their living and learning experience through technological integration.

3. The People Behind the Project

The Living Smart Campus project is a project of interdisciplinary expertise. And focused on community-oriented goals. And the brilliant minds behind the project, visionaries like Mitra Barocci, are at the heart of this effort. Their dedication and diverse expertise exemplify the essence of the project’s mission and is a force for cooperation in the field of technological innovation.

3.1 Integrating Expertise

At the heart of the Living Smart Campus project are people like Mitra Barocci, the first postdoc candidate in the project, passionate about making technology that benefits the community. With a background in analyzing GPS data to understand human behavior, Barocci reflects the project’s multidisciplinary approach, drawing from fields as diverse as privacy law and medical data management.

3.2 Collaboration and Innovation

What makes the Living Smart Campus project truly exciting is the collaborative spirit it embodies. Researchers and technologists from different backgrounds come together to push the boundaries of what’s possible. The project values dynamic individuals who are not only experts in their field but also keen on working together to shape the future of smart living. It’s this blend of expertise and enthusiasm that drives innovation forward.


The Living Smart Campus at the University of Twente is more than just a project; it’s a glimpse into the future of how we might live, work, and learn in a society where technology works for us in intelligent, unobtrusive ways.

By focusing on practical applications of futuristic ideas today, the project aims to pave the way for smart societies where technology enhances human interactions, making our environments more responsive, efficient, and ultimately, more human. This initiative doesn’t just challenge us to think about the possibilities—it invites us to be a part of creating them.

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Furthermore, our QNEX Education Technology has always been closely following the new wave of scientific and technological development, actively leading the informatization development of education.

Let’s build a smarter educational environment together. Contact us to get started.

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