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Singapore’s Youth at the Heart of G20 Engagement

Youth power and youth insight are indispensable key elements of social development. Although young people lack the social experience to a certain extent, or with the limitation of the disadvantages of student thinking. But there is much to be gained from respecting and recognizing that you can listen to young people as they engage in global conversations. In this article, we will focus on the G20 Youth Summit (G20 Y), a cultural exchange feast. At this stage of idea collision, we will not only witness the positive power of young people’s ideas but also have a deeper understanding of smart campus solution providers such as QNEXTechnology.

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1. Young Voices Making Global Waves

The voices of young participants are not just heard but valued. Representing Singapore, these students step into these forums with the eagerness to both learn and enlighten. Their journey is filled with a mix of excitement, curiosity, and a hint of nervousness reminiscent of rare astronomical events like Haley’s Comet—a fleeting yet spectacular moment to be seized.

1.1 Cultural Exchange and Collaboration

Engaging actively in the G20 Youth Summit, Singaporean students participate in extensive dialogue, sharing insights on their culture, traditions, and modern life perspectives. It’s a fertile ground for nurturing mutual respect and understanding among diverse youth representatives. This cultural exchange broadens their worldviews and helps in crafting a more inclusive global community.

1.2 The Role of Education in Fostering Global Citizens

Educational institutions play a pivotal role in this global participation. Schools like the Global Indian International School not only focus on academic excellence but also emphasize the importance of being global citizens. Through encouragement and support, students are motivated to perform their best on international platforms, aiming to bring pride to their country and institution.

2. Technology Footprints Making Campus Innovative

Technology and talents are complementary to each other. Science and technology promote talents to develop critical thinking, bold practice, and the courage to try, to promote technological innovation and ideological renewal.

2.1 How to Cultivate Innovative Youth

Young people need the freedom to develop new ideas and concepts on their own. Too much adult control can inhibit innovation, and there are more subtle barriers. Fortunately, the QNEX multimedia education system which promotes free innovation can cultivate students’ ability of independent thinking. Both online and more traditional networks can play a role in enabling young people to get the right advice and support from their peers as well as the appropriate adults.

2.2 How to Build a Smart Campus for Creative Youth

2.2.1 Environment control of the smart classroom

A smart classroom is the interactive integration of digital resources and learning systems. It goes beyond the traditional classroom and has a more powerful computing mode. It brings convenience to teachers and students, and also ensures the health of personnel, and brings more advanced experience and enjoyment. Through the QNEX remote control solution, teachers can remotely adjust the lighting, temperature, and ventilation of the classroom to create the best learning atmosphere.

2.2.2 Intelligent Presentation Management

In the classroom environment, an interactive and shared network environment is constructed, and the coexistence of WiFi and 4G networks can realize the intelligent operation and control of equipment in the classroom. QNEX supports remote operation of multimedia devices such as projectors and interactive whiteboards, allowing instructors to seamlessly manage presentation content from any location in the classroom.

2.2.3 Intelligent Multimedia Applications

Smart classroom is different from the traditional way of teaching and listening. Students preview before class, study in class group discussions, and test at any time; Teachers can quickly grasp each student’s learning situation and carry out targeted guidance. A smart classroom has the characteristics of interactivity, perception, openness, and so on. In this process, teachers can use interactive intelligent whiteboards and other technologies to enhance the interaction between teachers and students and create a more lively classroom learning experience.

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2.2.4 Virtual Classroom and Distance Learning for Youth Summit

The teaching space we use every day is a traditional classroom, and all teaching activities are confined to a physical space surrounded by walls. The virtual classroom is relative to the traditional classroom. The virtual classroom is the classroom in the network space, which is the extension of the traditional classroom. It crosses the limitation of the physical space and provides an open teaching environment where the physical space and the virtual space are seamlessly connected. Virtual classrooms have been widely recognized and applied in the world.

For example, Purdue University and the University of Michigan in the United States have applied it to teaching activities. The emergence of virtual classrooms has revolutionized the traditional education concept.

Using the live broadcast and interactive functions of the QNEX Lecture Capture System is conducive to creating virtual classrooms and webinars, and improving the flexibility and accessibility of education.

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The G20 Youth Summit (G20 Y) is a stage for young people to share their unique stories and perspectives. There are many Singaporean youths like Sasmi MTI who are actively contributing to a global conversation. This year’s G20 Youth Summit will be held in Goiania, Brazil, from June 12-14 2024. At the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit, young entrepreneurs will continue having the opportunity to interact, participate in innovative activities, and exchange cultural experiences.

If you are looking for an educational model that enables young people to express their ideas and opinions boldly, you can contact us here for educational technology solutions. We look forward to working together to promote the voices and power of youth to bring positive change to the world.

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