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Smart Campus Based on IoT and GIS: More Than Just News

Campus Internet of Things plays an irreplaceable role in the teaching of Internet of Things-related majors in colleges and universities. It can also provide a more comfortable, safe, and intelligent environment for teaching other disciplines. In addition, campus GIS also promotes the further development of higher education information. In this article, we will witness the impact of IoT and GIS technologies on the digital transformation of the campus and the future development potential of QNEX IoT-powered Smart Campus Solutions.

1. Revolutionizing KNUST with Smart Campus Solutions Powered by IoT

The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) has opened up new possibilities for the transformation of educational institutions. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) is at the forefront of this change. By harnessing the power of the Internet of Things, KNUST has partnered with Q-NEX to create smart campus solutions like this that enhance collaboration, optimize decision-making, and improve facility management for campuses.

1.1 Overview of Smart Campus Solutions

Smart campus solutions use IoT technologies to create an interconnected ecosystem within educational institutions. By integrating smart devices, sensors, and data analytics, these solutions enable real-time monitoring, automation, and intelligent decision-making. For example, the QNEX campus Internet of Things platform can provide a real experimental environment for teaching and research, which can better stimulate students and researchers to think deeply. This will guide students and researchers to reflect on the analysis, discussion, and problem-solving, which is more conducive to students and researchers to summarize and extract valuable knowledge.

1.2 Transformation of KNUST’s Smart Campus Project

KNUST takes full advantage of the potential of IoT-driven smart campus solutions to transform its educational environment.

1.2.1 A More Immersive Learning Experience

For example, two wireless microphones are included in the NMP set provided by Q-NEX, one is a hand-held microphone and the other is a lapel microphone. The teacher can strengthen the voice when walking in the class. Another hand-held microphone will be passed to the student when needed. In addition, the NMP has built-in amplifiers, so external passive speakers are sufficient to amplify sound from the teacher’s microphone and input sources. To simplify the user experience, the volume adjustment of the speakers and microphones is carried out through the Q-NEX control panel.

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1.2.2 Easier Knowledge Acquisition

In addition, Q-NEX also installed the lecture capture system IQVideo LCS710 with a video station, two automatic tracking cameras for teachers and classes, and a ceiling microphone. The content in the teacher courseware as well as the teacher/student images can be recorded as videos or live streamed to online streaming platforms such as YouTube and Facebook via the Internet. To simplify the user operation, the video station has a built-in touch screen, which can preview the split screen of the lecture video, and the teacher can control the recording status or live transmission of the lecture by just clicking the touch screen.

By deploying smart devices and sensors on campus, KNUST has created a networked learning environment that collects and analyzes data in real-time. This data-driven approach enables universities to optimize energy consumption, improve facility maintenance, and enhance the overall student experience.

2. Immersive News Experience with Smart 360 Using GIS Technology

Welcome to Smart 360, a refreshing take on the traditional news bulletin, aimed at keeping you in the loop with the latest happenings around the world and across all GIS campuses. Hosted by Anura Rathi and Maya Sentel, two dynamic Grade 9 IGCSE students, this series is designed to pique your curiosity, spread knowledge, and, most importantly, be a fun learning journey. So, let’s dive right in!

2.1 A New Chapter for GIS Graduates

July 1 marked a significant milestone for the GIS Smart Campus Class of 2022. With nearly 200 IBDP and CBSE students donning their graduation robes, the MPH resonated with cheers and applause as these students stepped into a new chapter of their lives. The ceremony was not just about receiving graduation acknowledgments; it symbolized years of hard work and dedication finally paying off. The presence of proud parents and the heartfelt speeches by two parent ambassadors enriched the event, making it a memorable day for the graduates. Capped off with the ceremonial cap toss and photo sessions, this day was a testament to the graduates being ready for their future endeavors.

2.2 Hari Logan: Spelling Bee Champion

In other exciting news, 14-year-old Indian American Hari Logan from Texas clinched the Scripps National Spelling Bee 2022 title. Competing against Vikram Raju in a nail-biting tiebreaker, Hari spelled a staggering 21 words to Vikram’s 15, claiming the prestigious title along with a whopping $50,000 prize. This annual event, now over 90 years old, continues to be a coveted contest among students worldwide. Hari’s victory is a source of inspiration for spelling enthusiasts everywhere.

2.3 World’s Smallest Remote Control Robot

Have you ever wondered how tiny a remote control robot can get? Scientists have unveiled what is believed to be the world’s smallest remote control robot, measuring about half a millimeter wide. These crab-shaped robots can crawl, walk, and even jump, controlled by lasers from a distance. While their current application is limited, the potential for future medical uses is fascinating, offering a peek into the groundbreaking ways these tiny robots could serve humanity.

2.4 Beach Cleanup: Fostering Responsibility

The GIS East Coast Campus recently organized a beach cleanup activity, a testament to the school’s commitment to fostering responsible citizens. Students from Grades 9 and 10 took to the East Coast Park Beach during their summer break, cleaning up the shorelines and pledging to do their part for the environment. This activity marks a step towards resuming societal endeavors that were paused due to the pandemic, highlighting the importance of environmental stewardship among the youth.

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2.5 Book Recommendations

Lastly, let’s talk about books. “The Magic Finger” by Roald Dahl is a magical story about an eight-year-old girl with the power to transform people into animals with a zap of her finger. On the other hand, “Like the Flowing River” by Paulo Coelho is a collection of thought-provoking stories and reflections that promise to enrich the reader’s soul. Both books come highly recommended and are great additions to your reading list.


As we wrap up this episode of Smart 360, we leave you with a sneak peek into Atyan Tika Mukherjee’s debut book “My Islamabad Diary,” a captivating narrative based on her experiences in Pakistan. Make sure to tune into our next episode for more intriguing news from our campuses and around the globe. We love hearing from our viewers, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line with feedback or topics you’d like us to cover. Until next time, take care and stay safe!

KNUST’s success stories and case studies also serve as inspiration for other educational institutions to explore the potential of IoT. And to revolutionize their campuses. The Q-NEX smart campus solutions offer a compelling vision for creating educational environments to foster innovation, collaboration, and holistic development in the digital age.

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